Vac & Seal Machine

$ 229.00

High Quality Vacuum Packing Machine with Double Seal, Removable Roll Storage and Fold Up Cutter for your convenience, to keep your food fresh and safe in the fridge or freezer with no risk of freezer burn or drying out.  Now with Removable 'easy clean' Fluid Collection Chamber for those those wet Vac & Seal jobs.  The perfect companion to your Bradley Smoker and Sausage Stuffer/Jerky Maker, and for preserving and protecting anything from your belongings when boating,camping, or hiking, to extra food storage.

With our handy bags, or rolls sold separately - you'll find your perfect answer with your vacuum packer machine.

1. Simply pull out your prefered length of Roll, (OR use a ready-to-seal bag and go to step 4)

2. Slide cutter across for a fast, clean, straight cut

3. Place end onto sealer plate, close the top, press 'Seal Only' (you now have a ready to seal bag)

4. Fill with your product (food, nic-nacs, documents, cutlery for camping etc the uses are endless)

5. Place end on Sealer Plate, click it closed and press 'Vacuum + Seal', it does the rest for you!



* CE Certified, 230volt
* Vacuum up to 50kpa
* Built in Roll Storage and Cutter
* Includes 2 free sample rolls
* Can take Bags/Rolls up to 28cm
* Very High Quality Product
* Removable Vacuuming Interface (dishwasher safe)
* Slanted Interface, positive seat for filled bags
* Adjustable Seal Time Button
* Fully Automatic one touch Vacuum/Seal or Seal Only Function
* Cord Storage and Cannister Connector
* Your Bags are washable and reusable
* It Simply Doesn't get Easier than This!